Saturday October 14, 2011

I've been meaning to write an update for the last few days, but time just keeps flying by.  We've made it to the weekend now, and theres not a lot on our agenda this weekend.   Looking forward to some down time around our house.

Thursday was a non stop day of school, work and our bi-monthly Mayo Clinic visit.  Add a piano lesson and some school conferences in there, and you've got a full day.  Shannon's check up was good.  She was fatigued this week - post Temodar, of course - but she managed it well, coming home Wednesday early from school to allow herself some extra rest.   Her blood counts and weight are holding steady.    Shannon's only concern has been some trouble catching her breath towards the end of hockey practice.    She was hoping for a solution to come from Dr. Khan as they discussed it on Thursday.  Dr. Khan explained to Shannon that her body has been through a lot and she should maybe take it easy out there and not push herself too hard.  I wish you could have seen the look on Shannon's face -  take it easy when she is out on the ice? What?  That is not a part of Shannon's plan!  Gotta love her spirit.  Dr. Khan did say we will keep an eye on it as we get a few more hockey practices under our belts.  We will return to Mayo in two weeks for a pre Temodar blood draw and checkup.

School conferences provided a nice pick me up at the end of a long Thursday.  Both girls are doing well academically, but more importantly, both girls are doing well socially and emotionally.  Erin came with me to conferences and her teachers all shared how much they enjoy having her in class and what a mature kid she is.  Pretty good for a 10 year old.  A couple of her teachers were surprised to find out that Erin was grade accelerated and therefore is very young for a 6th grader.  You wouldn't know it.

Shannon's conferences had a similar tone.  She's a conscientious student and a joy to have in class.  On Wednesday when she needed to come home to rest, she made a point to see each of her teachers, turn in all the work that was due that day, and gather the necessary homework before she headed home.  One of Shannon's teachers told me "I think I will learn more from Shannon this year than she will learn from me."

I share all this with you not to brag about our children, but to let you know that life goes on and we continue to function and sometimes even thrive.  We often write here about the struggles we are having, but we get up every morning and try to do what needs doing.  For the girls, that means going to school, doing the work, being with friends, being a good student, and a good person.  Cancer or not, you can still be a good human.  On that front, Shannon and Erin are succeeding.