Saturday October 22, 2011

Jen is away with her friend Teri this weekend. They are getting some R & R at a B & B near Madison.

Shannon, Erin and I have been having fun visiting friends, taking in a movie, just chillin' like villains. We took in Dolphin Tales in 3D Friday afternoon and I was a puddle with my girls on each side of me. Of course, I cry at previews so anytime there is a storyline with kids and good music I am a mess. The girls rip me for it, of course.

Our friends from Jacksonville FL, Jack and Colleen Jones and kids Mikaela and Jack III landed at RST last night at 7:45 - they are visiting family in LaCrosse this weekend. So we picked them up at the airport and went out for dinner and came back here for desert. Ending up staying up and chatting until almost midnight.

The Jones' have been our friends since forever - Jack and I did the TV program at St. Cloud State together. They were married a year before Jen and I. They keep moving around the country and we keep getting together at various stages of life.

They were amazed at how great Shannon looked. And how comfortable the girls seem to be accepting their place in this world. That part makes me most proud because rolling with it is the only thing we can do until we can't do it anymore.

Off to hockey practice. The Rebels are coming together nicely. We start playing real games somewhere around November 5. Erin starts basketball Monday.

Looks like a beautiful fall day!