We have been enjoying an extended stabilization period.  Shannon and Erin are just clickin' off the school days and it seems as though each day after school is a whirlwind of activities. 

Halloween was strange as the 8th grader decided she was too cool for costume and handed out candy at home while the 6th grader dressed as a clown.  All day.  Wore her costume to school loud and proud.

Grandma Gwen and Grandpa Chuck are back in Rochester for a few days to help caddy kids around, hang out with us and connect with some of their Roch friends. We had a nice meal together between practices.  We'll do it again tomorrow. 

Overall, nothing too eventful relating to Shannon's health.  Our Mayo doctors have ordered our family to get flu shots and we passed on the request to Shannon's hockey team.  An ounce of prevention...

Tonight she took her 260mg capsule of Temodar before hockey.  Watching her skate through drills you would have no idea.  That's a tough little girl.  Stubborn to a fault.  Thank God.