Sunday November 13, 2011

Up early this morning, not exactly sleepless but certainly more restless.  It's MRI week.  My waking thoughts alternating between Tuesday's brain scan and Saturday's hockey game.

The Rebels win over Red Wing required an intense, three-period effort.  Our first year players were given a taste of how quick the pace can be.  No time for indecision.  The 8 Rebel players who were on the team and lost twice to Red Wing last season were especially happy - everyone was.  Shannon kept going over specific plays from the game as we dozed off Saturday night.  Satisfied and exhausted.

It's seems obvious to Jen and I that Shannon's hockey development has been stunted.  The radiation, the steroids, the chemo drugs, the bactrim, the anti-nausea meds are keeping her from playing as fast as she once did.  Last season, she was one of the Rebels top scorers.  This season she is going to have to accept being a solid role player and locker room leader.  She just loves being a part of a team. 

Tuesday is also 7 months to the day since Shannon's tumor was diagnosed.  If you would have told us Shannon would be playing hockey and competing in intense games back on those cold, dark days of April we would have traded in all our chips right then and there.  We are thrilled and proud and grateful.

How many times when I have been blogging has a poignant song shuffled up - exactly where it was needed?  Just now...Annie Lennox...Why... 

Time to brew some coffee.  The Rebels are playing Dodge County at 2:30.  Life is good.