MRI Results

Unfortunately, not good news to report here tonight.  Today's scan showed a brightness in the tumor area which is an indication that the tumor has probably started to grow again.  The only other possible explanation is that dead cells have continued to vacate the tumor and that allowed more of the contrast dye to seep in.  While Dr. Rao presented that as a possibility, tumor growth is a more likely explanation.  She will schedule another scan in six weeks - right around Christmas - to check for further tumor changes.

We are heartbroken and Shannon is angry.  So we enter this next stage of our journey.  We will keep a watchful eye for clinical symptom changes in Shannon that would be caused by tumor growth.  We will start exploring possible clinical trials around the country that may offer some hope.  We will honor Shannon's every wish to the best of our ability.  We will lean on you all for love and support.