It's Friday morning and the girls are sleeping in.  The first quarter ended yesterday, so no school today for students.  A little extra sleep and a little down time will be just fine with us.

The weather here has turned cold and, after a beautiful fall, we all know what comes next!  Snow had been predicted for us this week, but it skirted by us.  Dan was not quite as lucky as he was traveling in Wisconsin and they got the brunt of it.  The picture Dan texted to me looked like a winter wonderland.

Erin has been enjoying her school friends and basketball friends this week.  One more week before their first tournament, so the coaches added an extra practice this week and next to prepare.  Although we are less involved with the basketball team since we are not coaching or managing, we are making every effort we can to show Erin that we are interested in her activities, too.  This balancing act is not unique to us or our situation.  Parents everywhere try to treat their kids equally, but somehow the younger one always thinks they are getting the short straw!

Now that she's a week post chemo, Shannon feels her energy level is rebounding.  She's going to need it: back to back to back games for the Rebels this weekend as they kick off play in their district.  The regular season begins tonight with a game in Winona.

Happy Veteran's Day, everyone.