Tuesday November 22, 2011

We have been all over the map this week with our emotions, but tonight we're feeling pretty good around here.  Could be that it's a five day weekend with very little on our agenda.  Could be that meeting with our social worker is helping us to process and cope.  Could be that a follow up appointment with Dr. Rao encouraged us to explore our options with clinical trials which will give us a second and third opinion about what the MRI scan shows, and she also encouraged us not to give up hope that what we are seeing is treatment effect without the aid of steroids. Could be that Shannon felt up to going to hockey practice tonight.  Could be the new iPhones BOTH girls received today!!

I am reluctant to share this news, because it seems quite excessive.  To be honest, Dan and I are a little bit embarrassed about it.  Erin didn't even have a phone before today!  But we had several people offer to do something nice for us, for our girls.  And they did.

While what we really want can't be bought - not even from Apple - our girls are grinning from ear to ear.  These new toys have brought a little relief from the stress and pain they feel, a little diversion, a little mindless fun, a little joy.  So what the hell, new iPhones it is...