Friday July 6, 2012

A confluence of challenges greeted us on this Friday - a day that marks 6 months from Shannon's passing on the calendar.  26 Friday's since she left this earth.

Hopeful that Jen's mouth infection had been extracted along with with two molars in surgery Monday, we headed for Lake Hubert to memorialize Shannon with 27 O'Haras. More on that in a moment.

Jen was willing to tough it out for the ceremony, but it became obvious almost from the moment we arrived at the lake that things were getting worse - not better.  By 5am Friday(after only 17 hours up north), I was steering Jen and Sunny the Wonderdog south on Hwy 371 with a destination of WFMC (World Famous Mayo Clinic).  Erin was left in capable hands up north.

We were in an exam room back in Rochester by 9:30 am Friday.  Admitted to St. Mary's Hospital by noon.  And it looks like Jen will spend the weekend in the hospital where pain meds and antibiotics can be administered by IV.  As we were being admitted, the nurse asked Jen what her pain level was on a scale of 1-to-10...her response was 9.75.

The infection appears to have spread in Jen's jaw, neck and face.  A CT scan, a consult with Infectious Disease and an allergy test have been ordered.  All the facts are being gathered and diagnosed, a plan will be in place Friday but it's a virtual certainty we are going to be watching the Wimbledon final from room 6-151 in St. Mary's.  (thank you Roger Federer for delivering some positivity).

Our lakeside ceremony Thursday night was lovely.  Tears flowed as cousins, aunts and uncles took turns scooping Shannon's ashes into a hole dug out for the monument and sharing stories.  The stone was rolled back on top of Shannon's remains and now our Lake Hubert family property is truly sacred ground.

I ran out to grab some lunch after Jen's CT scan and to add to the poignancy of the day - the song on the radio was Daniel Powter's Bad Day.  The same song Shannon played at her last piano recital.  Someone oughta write a damn book.