Wednesday August 1, 2012

August.  Really?

Erin told me today that there are 34 days until school starts.  She was not happy when she relayed that information.  And while I was able to get her to do a little school supply shopping, she did express her feelings through her notebook choices:

Dan and I are raising a first class smart ass ... we're so proud.

And while the days are dwindling, Erin is making the most of the summer that's left.  Last night it was a friend's birthday party sleepover that involved exactly zero hours of sleep!  Tomorrow, it's back to playing a little volleyball.

Dan is in the middle of a busy couple of weeks that will see him home on Willow Lane for only two nights in 12 days.  Uff da.  One day at a time...

I continue with my IV infusions every day and the course of treatment has been extended a couple of days until Monday, August 6 when infectious disease will see me for a follow up appointment.  Hopefully Monday's labs will allow the ID doctors to clear me to get the picc line out, and then they will most likely switch me to an oral antibiotic for a few more weeks.  I am so ready to get this tube out of my arm and be able to play a little tennis and golf again.

I have been spending my time working on Shannon things:  the book, the Graham Arena memorial,  the scholarship fund.  I feel compelled to keep pressing on, to keep these things moving forward.  It feels mostly good most of the time...

While I'm talking about Shannon stuff, I just wanted to pass this along -  my uncle is doing the Warrior Dash race September 8th, and he's raising donations for St. Jude in honor of Shannon.  Such a kind and thoughtful gesture.

We are grateful that Shannon's tumor cells are at St. Jude, and that they are a part of the much needed research.  Research is how science advances medicine.  And research takes money.

If you are interested, you can click below to check out his fundraising page:

Fran Davies - Warrior Dash for St. Jude