Sunday Update

About the time Jen was settling in to watch the Wimbledon Finals, Jen's team examined her and decided it was time for another surgery.

With more swelling on the floor of her mouth, fluid needed draining and samples collected and cultured to eliminate any diagnostic uncertainty. 

So they wheeled her out with Roger Federer leading 2-1 in the third set.  Jennifer missed Roger's 7th Wimbledon title.  It's been one of those weeks, one of those months.  It's been one of those years.

But the surgery was a success and tissue and bone samples were sent off to the lab.  They even sent samples to pathology.  But they also feel really strongly that this is osteomyelitis and they are glad they performed the procedure on Sunday instead of waiting.

And now we wait and they will watch.  There will be some conferring with the Infectious Disease consult.  There is a chance her antibiotic will be switched up to Ertapenum.  Either way Jen will be making her home here at St. Mary's for - at least - the next couple days.

Anyone have a deck of cards?