Tuesday July 3, 2012

I wanted to get an update out here because our text and email is blowing up with people looking for updates on sweet Jennifer.

She's have another tough day.  But today's pains and lethargy are the result of really awful, invasive oral surgery .  She's hurting from the trauma of her jaw bone getting scraped down to its healthiest layers Monday afternoon.  Previous pain had been the throb associated with infection.  This recovery will take time.

Jen's surgeon predicted they wouldn't be friends today.  He was right.  So give her some time.  We will know soon enough whether or not this thing is heading in the right direction.  Geesh.  Poor girl.  Staying medicated is the goal today.  Oxy, ibuprofen, Vicodin, salt water rinse and repeat...

A long day hanging around the Mayo campus Monday brought back a lot of tough memories.  On Shannon's Mayo days we would be there for one appointment after another.  Just like with Jen yesterday, there was a lot down time in various sterile exam rooms in the Mayo and Gonda buildings.  Lots of time to think.  And fret.

When they paged me to come back and give permission to extract two more of Jen's teeth I thought I was going to shit a brick.  When they told Erin to wait in the lobby of Gonda 7E - "the doctor needs to talk to your Dad" - my stomach bottomed out.  An awful feeling.  God can't possibly have more for me?  He didn't.  And, once again, I am jolted into a moment of gratitude.

Last year, we spent another scorching 4th of July holiday week in and out of appointments on the Mayo Clinic campus with Shannon finally going in for IV infusion treatments that helped her turn the corner after post-radiation effects put her down hard.  Impossible not to recollect and wonder why, how this happened to our happy family...    

Here's to hoping we get our leader back here soon.  Here's to turning another corner.