Tuesday April 1, 2014

I am home alone, trying to enjoy the silence.  I find myself listening to music (currently The Lumineers, Avett Brothers, Rusted Root, and Of Monsters and Men) to fill the air that is void of conversation.

I do have to say I'm very happy with my decision to stay home from Fargo, though.  Dan arrived safely, but shortly thereafter roads in the area were closed.  It's a full blown blizzard up there - schools are closed and driving is treacherous.  I teased Dan that he must really love his job.  Truthfully, when your sales guy drives through a snow storm to keep his appointment with you, well, that says something.  Dan is good at what he does.

My other spring breaker had some weather issues of her own.  The 8th graders spent two days in Washington DC in a driving rainstorm.  Erin said that it was raining - pouring - every time they went outside.  Erin and her crew toughed it out, though, and made the best of it.  Erin was especially moved by Arlington National Cemetery and the Holocaust Museum.  

We've been getting a nightly phone call from Erin with details from her day.  Yesterday was a good one - they finally got some sunshine and they took their show on the road:  leaving DC, busing to Philadelphia for the day, and then on to NYC in the afternoon.

Erin and her friends had planned to wear Shannon shirts on the day when they would be in all three cities.  The latest entry in our "Shannon Shirts Around the World" comes from Erin's crew in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia:

Emma, Erin, Olivia, Katie, Althea, Emily, Jolie
The lighting in this picture is pretty cool.  Makes me feel like Shannon is there with them and it takes away a touch of the sorrow I feel about Shannon missing out on this opportunity.  It's still a struggle in my mind and my heart.  As Erin travels new territory, literally and figuratively, it's hard not to think about Shannon.

But, Erin is happy and that makes me happy.  She has such a good bunch of friends who are kind and supportive.  A group of teenage girls who have each other's backs and, as a mom, I'm grateful for that.

My spring break is slightly less exciting than Dan's or Erin's.  I did organize some closets and drawers yesterday and I might even tackle a few more today.  Trying to make myself useful with a little nesting.  (Dan reminded me the last time I nested I was pregnant!)  

It's very quiet around here, but Sunny the Wonderdog is keeping me company.  We're doing alright...