First Day of High School

Well, it's here.  Time marches on and Erin is off to high school.  How did that happen?

Erin was a little bummed that she had to dress up today.  Volleyball has a match tonight, so the team members all dress up on game day.  Erin didn't really want to wear a skirt on the first day of school.  She explained to me and Dan, "I'm going to look like a try hard."  A "Try hard" is new terminology for us, but pretty self explanatory!

As Dan and I talked this morning he asked if I was sad at all.  Yes and no.  So strange to be visiting new territory, a stage that Shannon never reached.  And yet, Erin is happy and excited, so we should be, too.  And we are.

As I was taking the above picture, Dan was taking a picture of me.  And capturing a little sign from above:

Hard to deny that Shannon is with us.  Go get 'em Smiley...