First Day of School - 2011

Yes, this is the obligatory first day of school picture. Two middle schoolers, and you can see from their faces how they feel about it: Erin, a ball of nervous energy, eager to see what 6th grade is really like. Shannon, a little more subdued, quietly confident about 8th grade.

I am not having my normal first day of school reaction. I was never one of those moms that cried at the bus stop. I was more likely to skip home! (OK, I never really skipped, but you get the idea ...) But this year, I'm a bit subdued myself. Maybe it's because we've had a great summer - yes, I can honestly say that. Maybe it's because Shannon and Erin will be so busy now that the days will really fly by. Maybe it's that my 8th grader is not only managing the first week of school, but managing chemotherapy at the same time.

On the way home from soccer practice last night, Shannon and I were talking casually about the end of summer and being ready for school. Shannon said, "This summer went way too fast. It might be because I was sick part of the time, but it felt like it flew by. And that's not good, especially if I don't have that many summers left." Wow. Gutshot. She said it without tears or drama, just matter of fact about her predicament.

So, yet another "new normal" starts today. And while a lot of it is familiar and back to the routine just like the beginning of each school year, I can't help but feel a little differently this time around. Please let time move slowly ...