Saturday September 3, 2011

Labor Day weekend, the official end of summer.  The girls are hanging on to these last moments - both managed to sleep in today, and then lamented the fact that in three days time they will be on the bus at 6:50 in the morning!

Shannon and Erin have made the most of these late summer days: sleepovers, school clothes shopping, soccer practices, and a mani/pedi with Grandma so they'll be looking sharp for their cousin Kevin's wedding today.  Shannon managed to find time to take in the Mayo football game last night as well.  8th graders going to the Friday night football games ... I love that her life feels so normal.

We've had lots of reminders lately that while we've been so focused on our lives and what we are going through, other people we care about are facing tough times, too: a friend whose sister has pancreatic cancer, a friend whose husband was badly injured in a bike accident, and just yesterday I heard from a dear family friend who lost her mother way too young.  All these people are supporting us on our journey.  Yes, our kid has cancer and the future is unknown, but there are plenty of reminders that life gives no guarantees.  Shannon feels good today, so we should try and feel good today right along with her.

We've been so busy running around that we haven't had much time to play the iPod lately. But, on this rainy morning, the four of us have been hanging out with the tunes on in the background - Eric Hutchinson, Matt Nathanson, David Gray, Jack Johnson... My favorite lyric of the day comes from the Irish band, The Script, and their song, This = Love: "Time flies, but you're the pilot ..."