Thursday September 29, 2011

Shannon has tapered off the steroids.  No drugs for the last three days - and no headaches.  Hooray!  She got to share that good news during our appointments at Mayo today.  This afternoon Grandma and I picked the girls up from school and we headed downtown for bloodwork, social worker appointments, and a checkup with Dr. Rodriguez.  We did all that, plus stopped at the gift shop and picked up Diet Coke and Mentos for Erin's science experiment, and still made it home in time to eat dinner and get to hockey practice!  World class treatment without really disrupting our lives.  Grateful for that.

Shannon's checkup was good.  Her weight is holding steady.  (Unfortunately, so is her height!)  Her white cell counts were down a bit, but this is to be expected.  The cumulative effect of monthly chemo will cause those counts to drop. Not a huge concern at this point, but Shannon will need to continue having them checked twice a month - right before each round of Temodar and then a week or so after completing the chemo cycle.  Best case scenario is that they stay on the low side of the normal range.

Shannon doesn't grumble about having these appointments - it's just a part of her (our) life now and she seems to have come to terms with that. In fact, she is quite at ease on the pediatric floor.  Watching her interact, you can almost forget the reason we're there in the first place.  Shannon - and Erin - brought lots of smiles and laughs to the nurses and unit secretaries today. For better or worse, the girls' humor tends toward sarcasm. (Now, where would they have learned that?)  Luckily, sarcasm  plays well with the staff at Mayo 16.  I'm grateful for that, too!