Wednesday September 21, 2011

It's not easy being Erin right now.  She came home early from school today feeling sick.   She can't quite shake this head cold.  But no matter how bad she feels, she never has it as bad as her sister does, right?  She may feel lousy, but her sister has a brain tumor.  That's a tough act to follow.   People worry about Shannon and ask Erin how her sister is doing.  What is a 10 year old supposed to feel?  How can she process all of this?

It's a parenting dilemma for us, for sure.  How can we tell Shannon to let her homework slide if she needs to rest and then tell Erin no resting until your homework is done?  How can we listen intently to every ache and pain that Shannon has and then tell Erin to suck it up and tough it out when she feels crummy?   (I guess the Mother of the Year Award will have to go to someone else this year ... again!)

Shannon made it through the school day, soccer and hockey without a headache, so we will try to continue the every other day taper this week.  For today, Shannon is fine.  For today, have a good thought for Erin...