Monday September 26, 2011

Team O'Hara is hoping for a busy, normal week this week.  It is Spirit Week at the middle school - a lead up to the Mayo High School homecoming festivities.  Hat day, pajama day, etc... all culminating with the homecoming parade and football game on Friday.  Both girls are looking forward to the fun.

Shannon is feeling good, and tomorrow we try again to go steroid free.  Hoping this very slow taper has done the trick.  Erin is feeling better, too.  She's finally kicking her cold and over the weekend she had some time with her pals which brightened her spirits.  Dan is traveling.  I am working.  Just like the good ol' days.

Grandma and Papa Harkins returned to Rochester last night after spending two and a half weeks at their home outside Vegas.  It's good to see them again and have them be a part of our activities this week.  Two soccer practices and three hockey skates are on the schedule.

Thursday we will return to Mayo 16 for blood counts and weight check in preparation for the fourth round of maintenance chemo next week.  Amazing how quickly that cycle comes around again.  Time marches on ...