Saturday September 24, 2011

It's a foggy but lovely Saturday morning.  The house is quiet.  We were out late with the kids at a bon fire.  Fun for all ages at the Lang home following the Mayo HS football game.

A rare chance to sleep in for everyone (including Mom).  We do not have an activity on the docket until a 2pm soccer game in Owatonna.  We cherish these days.  We can leisure around, drink coffee, read and surf the web and then we will power up with pancakes and bacon whenever.

The fog should burn away.  Looking like an ideal fall Saturday for the Upper Midwest;  sunny skies and highs in the 60's.  The leaves are starting to change.  The nights are crisp and clear.  Football weather. 

Needless to say I am feeling really grateful this morning.  We're doing better around here the last couple days staying in that day.  Man, does that approach make it easier.  We have so many things out of our control right now.  Just wildly out of our control.  It's probably easier for my simple mind to stay in the present.  But I can get ahead of the day really quick...I do's not fingernails take a beating.

Our circumstances have afforded us the chance to forward so many relationships.  People have stepped up to help or offer support and taken the time to get to know us.  That has been really terrific.  I am so proud of Jen who is/was mostly pretty guarded - but when you get to know her she is such a solid, fun person.  I have always been pretty much in-your-face - for better and for worse.  But more people have gotten to know Jen because of Shannon's cancer and that has been a gift. 

Change is inevitable - growth is optional.   So, thanks to all the people in our lives who have helped us grow.

Momentum is picking up on the Brains Together for a Cure walk Saturday October 8  Another reminder that Kula Shives is managing our shirt orders (  Jen and I  are pulling shirts for our we will get a note out to the Harkins/Davies and O'Haras asap. 

Have a great weekend everyone!