Friday night February 17, 2012

The Rebels win!  Friday night at the District 9 Tournament our squad beat Fairmont 2-1 to keep the season alive.  Damn, we should be there - we should be partying with those families at the hotel in Mankato.

With a win Saturday the Rebels will advance to the next round - a region tournament in 2 weeks in Waseca.

Personally, I'm not ready for the last hockey season Shannon will ever be a part of to come to an end.  In a card we received today, someone referred to the six degrees of Shannon.  With each passing of seasons, school years, holidays, Mondays...with each day that passes we are further separated from her life.  You can tell me all day that she will always be part of us - and she will - but with each sunset and sunrise the space between her days on earth and today grows wider.

My music has not been fulfilling me lately.  The songs that were bringing me strength and hope and generating emotion are now leaving me feeling empty, bored.  I'm trying some Pandora Internet Radio tonight as we relax in our new family living space.  It's pretty sweet.  We have a contractor named Mark Borgen.  You might need to keep him in mind if you are looking for any remodel projects.  Anal and affordable.  Here's what I look like in our new space tonight;

Erin is back behind the bench with Coach Lang's Mayo Spartans tonight filling water bottles with her friend Lexi as the Mayo boys take on Mankato West. Sunday we will sneak her away for a couple days with BFF Emily for some water park fun in the Dells.  Trying to keep her moving in a positive direction - giving her some things to look forward to.  Erin has been stringing together some better days. 

Jen and I attended her school conferences Thursday and the reports we were given left us hopeful that she is doing OK.  Can you imagine being Erin?  She has to walk by Shannon's locker every day - she has to see Shannon's friends sitting together across the lunchroom and every day she has to see all of the teachers that loved Shannon. Every once in awhile I need to take a look at the world through her glasses.  And she's just 10.

So if you have an extra prayer tonight when you lay your head down have a good thought for Erin O'Hara.  And a good thought for the Rebels to beat Northfield Saturday and keep the season alive.