Sunday February 26, 2012

Another weekend spent watching basketball comes to a close. Erin's Spartans rebounded from a first game loss to win their next 3 games and take home the consolation championship at the Rochester tourney.

Smiley played hard every minute she was out there, and loved the time spent with her teammates. She is happy when she's with these girls. And we're happy when we see her happy. Thank goodness we've had basketball to keep us busy and keep us moving.

Grandma and Papa Harkins were able to spend some time with us and see two basketball games before heading back to Las Vegas today. I think they enjoyed their visit and they could see with their own eyes that the three of us are doing the best we can. Some days - some hours - are better than others. They probably already realized that, though. They are living that way, too.

We have another "normal" week ahead. A full school week for Erin, and the last week of the basketball season. It will be a full work week for Dan, too, including more travel. As he likes to say, the customers don't come visit you ...

Today our other favorite team, the Rebels, saw their season come to an end. So sad for those girls that this special season is over. But so proud of them, too. What an up and down year they had, and what an end of the season run. I know in my heart those girls have been changed by what they experienced together this year.

Dan and I will watch from a distance as they all grow and progress as people and as hockey players, and they will always have a special place in our hearts as Shannon's last team. We love you, Rebels. We always will.