Thursday February 9, 2012

Smiley was all fired up this morning - a 6th grade field trip to the Brownsdale Roller Rink will do that to a kid.

Our daily meditation entry offered this nugget;  Light griefs can speak; great ones are dumb

Our reflex is to feel the need to carry conversation - to make sure the flow of it goes well so that everyone is comfortable in our presence.  Today's reading highlighted the fact that sometimes the silence is golden and it is not our responsibility to talk.  Especially, to talk about the grief issues that are bogging us down. 

As a former broadcaster turned sales guy that is really hard.  Dead air makes me uncomfortable, makes us uncomfortable.  But it is OK.  And carrying the conversation is not our job.  Our job is to find a "new normal".

So be on guard to listen.  Sometimes I might go off if you give me your ear.  But if I don't talk I'm not mad at you.  And please, no worries.