The best laid plans ... today our emotional state derailed us. We just couldn't do what we intended to do. We made it to church as planned, but that was harder than we anticipated. Easter. Celebrating life. Families together. People watching us. Dan and I were both fighting back tears. So as we headed up highway 52, intending to join the O'Hara gathering at Bridgid's house, we admitted to each other that we didn't have it in us. We just were not up to socializing today. We turned the car around and headed for the safety of our home.

We broke it to Erin that we wouldn't be going to see her cousins. She gets it. She understands that right now, sometimes our emotions win out over our best intentions. Erin tearfully admitted to Dan last night that she was sad there would be no Easter egg hunt or coloring of eggs this year. I just wasn't up for it. And she didn't press me on it. Erin may have understood, but it still made her sad.

So, we are home, sitting and watching the Masters. Dan and I had a chuckle today about an Easter Sunday way back when we were newly married, before children. We didn't feel like socializing then, either, for entirely different reasons. We were selfish. We told my family we were going to Dan's family and told Dan's family we were going to my family and instead we played 36 holes together and then went home and watched the Masters! We thought we had it all figured out back then. We didn't know much at all, really ...

Chalk it up to another part of the journey. There will be days like this. We've covered some big territory in the last week, and there's more ahead.

Happy Easter, everyone.