Monday April 23, 2012

My training for the Med-City Half Marathon continues.  On days like today my running time gives me a chance to put on my music, burn off some anxiety, reflect and reset. Today I sorely needed the training and the reset.

Saturday, Jen and I saw Eric Hutchinson at First Ave - so today I listened to his new record as I pounded out a run over the lunch hour.  The show was great.  E Hutch is a super-talented performer;  great vocal range, mad instrumental skill and fully engaged with his audience.  The dancing comes easy.

I recommend a listen to a song off his new record Moving Up Living Down - Best Days;

I get myself up every day
To fight this woe is me demeanor
If things had gone another way
Now would my grass be any greener
And as I’m struggling on my own
I have to think I'm not alone

Give and take, we catch our breaks
We all learn to survive
But don’t look now, say don’t look now
Cause here we are
Living the best days of our lives

You fake it until you make it, right?  Obviously, these are not some of the best days of our lives but we can still dance!

Metaphorically, these lyrics represent the choices each of us make each day to "suit up and show up".  It's all pretty good out there.  If I can keep my "woe-is-me demeanor" from cropping up I seem to be able to handle this recovery from Shannon pretty well.

We are still experiencing growing pains as a family of three but if we remain grateful for what we still have we will be OK.