Friday April 27, 2012

Erin has rebounded nicely and the allergic reaction - or virus - has run it's course.  We don't know what caused it, but we're glad it's over.  She returned to school yesterday and was able to play in the 6th grade Willow Creek spring band concert last night.  It is fun to see Erin with her classmates during and after the concert.  These girls that are her friends lift her up and make her happy.  We will take all of that we can get.

It's going to be a low key weekend for us, which is just fine.  Last night we looked at the whiteboard calendar on the wall and realized that tonight is the only night in the whole month where we didn't have an activity of some sort planned!  So, after a long week of travel for Dan and a tough week on Erin physically, we'll take a night of quiet.

Tomorrow the Thunderbolts have team pictures and our second soccer game of the season.  The forecast is for 40 degrees and rainy.  Bring it on ...