Sunday April 15, 2012

On Friday April 15, 2011 we were given news that changed us - and many people in our lives - forever.  365 days later I can still recall in vivid detail the look on Dr. Kotagal's face as he came in to deliver the news.  He asked Shannon to leave the room and I collapsed on Jen's back.

 I remember the snowflakes blowing across the window of the exam room on Mayo 16.  I remember the quiet ride home and the phone calls we had to make.  All the phone calls.  365 days ago.  The first time I had ever heard the words brainstem glioma used together.

So here we are.  Changed forever.  Changed for the better as people.  Not better without Shannon in our lives.  But, we go on.  And we are doing pretty dang well...most days. Sunday, we were just a little distracted by the memory of that chilling April day.

We are also a little distracted by a surgical procedure Jennifer will undergo Monday to have an ovarian cyst removed.  It will knock her out for a few days.  Her doctors are confident she will recover well.  We have been unsettled all weekend.  Jen is our team captain.  Anytime your captain under goes surgery...

Still we did our best to enjoy Erin's first ever volleyball tournament as her South Side Juniors took to the courts at Minnesota State Mankato.  We did our best to let our competitive juices distract.  Erin loved it.  She is getting better with every point and I think volleyball has a chance to be her sport of choice.  We shall see.  Erin chose her uniform and took her sister's favorite #9...

Checking off another milestone.  365 days since we were changed forever.  Damn, that happened fast.