Sunday April 29, 2012

A little bit of Shannon O'Hara was returned to the earth today.  We sprinkled some ashes into the ground as we planted a new tree in the front yard.  It's a snowdrift crabapple given to us in memory of Shannon.  A beautiful reminder we will watch grow.

Soccer games, thankfully, were cancelled on Saturday - sleet and 35 degrees doesn't make for ideal playing conditions!  So, we filled our day with family.  Grandma and Grandpa O'Hara were here for a visit and enjoyed checking out our new family room set up.  Papa O might have even snuck in a little nap.

We filled the rest of our weekend with friends - a birthday party for Erin, a little golf for Dan, a reservoir walk for me, and brunch at the Shives for all of us.  Good times, good fun.

We continue to heal, for sure.  We try find joy and happiness when we can.  Still learning to accept that it's o.k. for us to be happy and its o.k. for us to be sad.  Always.

We still think about her every day.