Friday May 10, 2013

It's been a good day for Team O'Hara.  Heck, it's been a pretty good week.  Dan had a successful sales week, I had a productive week around the house, and Erin clicked off five more school days which bring the total days left in the school year down to 18.

My productive week involved not so glamorous jobs like cleaning out the water softener brine tank and starting a riding lawn mower with a dead battery.  More than once, I might add.  See, I got it started with a jump from my trusty ol' mini van, but then when the mower ran out of gas, well, the battery didn't have enough juice to start again.  So, I had to push the lawnmower from the back yard down to the garage in order to use the van to jump start it again.  Nothing but glamour here on Willow Lane...

But, today was a good day.  My author copies of Determined to Matter were delivered this afternoon.  I have seen versions of the book along the way, but to see it in it's finished form is pretty damn cool.  I must admit that caused me to shed a few tears.  But, pride and joy came along with those tears, so I headed off to golf practice with Miss E feeling pretty good.

The best was yet to come.

We were hosting a meet at home and we had our 12 girls lined up to play varsity and JV.  It turned out that the other schools involved in the meet couldn't field a full JV, so we needed 5 more girls to step in and play today.  Guess who got a chance to play?  E was a ball of nerves, and waiting and watching 14 groups tee off first only added to her stress level.

But, when her turn came, she stepped up and ripped one off the first tee.  Playing with a junior and a sophomore, Erin handled herself just fine and got around nine holes with a score of 66.  She was so excited and proud.  So were Mom and Dad.

I had a moment out there with Coach Myhro as we watched Erin play the ninth hole.  We both recognized a bit of deja vu.  Seeing Erin out there doing that was wonderful.  Two years and seven days ago we were standing there watching Shannon do the same thing...

But today was about Erin, as it should be.  She's already hoping we can play a round of golf together as a family on Mother's Day.  Sounds good to me.