Wednesday May 29, 2013

Well, I may not have a paying job, but I am managing to be quite busy.  (I figure if I keep commenting on my unemployment here, the perfect job will magically appear...)  Yesterday, I took a trip to the Twin Cities for a morning TV interview on Fox 9.  They helped me to promo the book, the foundation, and the upcoming book signing event in St. Paul.  It went well, and I have to say, I am feeling at ease in these interviews.  I can talk somewhat intelligently about Shannon, our journey, the foundation, and this book.  On some level, this publicity stuff is becoming routine.  But, on another level, I take each opportunity to share our story seriously.  

That's why I/we wrote the book.  Not so I could go on TV or be in the paper.  I did it to make Shannon's story eternal and to help or inspire others in any way I can.  I did it to make a difference in this world, just as Shannon wanted.  It's the best I can do to honor her.  I do feel self conscious about the publicity surrounding the launch of the book, but I feel better when I remember it's not about me.  I joked with a friend last night that she doesn't have to watch/read every interview I do.  I figure if you're doing that, you are probably going to buy the book!  The goal, obviously, is to reach new people and new audiences while still honoring and celebrating with those who have been following our story all along. 

That being said, you can hear me again tomorrow if you'd like!  I get another chance to share our story on the radio with Tracy McCray and the ladies on Broad Talk at 10:00am on KROC AM 1340.  You can listen live here if you'd like:

Tomorrow is a really big day in this journey.  We reach the day we've been waiting for since this book project began.  Tomorrow, people can finally buy the book.  Starting at 5:30pm at the Rochester Athletic Club, people will be able to have a copy of Shannon's story.  We are hoping for a big turnout here in our hometown, and we know that each time a copy of Determined to Matter is sold, it will help us fund our Shannon O'Hara Foundation endeavors.  All of that feels really, really good.

So, come join us tomorrow.  Buy a book.  Bring a friend.  There will be plenty of copies available, so buy two!  Dan, Erin and I will be there to celebrate with all of you.  Can't wait.