Wednesday May 15, 2013

It has been such a good stretch of days here and we have all been in good spirits.  Particularly Erin.  She has been feeling good and has just been a joy to be around.  We have evolved into this family of three, and we have found we can still have fun.  We weren't sure that would happen, so this feels like progress.

Erin is settling in to her place in our triangle, and I think she is finding her comfort zone.  She makes us laugh, and we share inside jokes with her just like we do with our adult friends.  Right or wrong, we often treat her like the third adult here in our house.

But, she still is just a 12 year old girl.  The other night, she asked me if I would play Mario Kart with her on the Wii.  An hour later, we had played not only Mario Kart, but several other games, most of which Erin won handily!  As I tucked her in that night, she thanked me for playing and then said, "Even though I'm mature, I still need a playmate sometimes."  Of course you do...

That made me realize that the improvement in Erin's mood has coincided with her being busy with friends and activities.  She has become very good at organizing her social life, and it's rare that we have to say no.  See, the cold hard truth is, with only one child, there is rarely a conflict that prevents Erin from doing what she wants.  She is my first priority, and, for better or for worse, I am at her beck and call.

But, I am happy to be there.  And, after what she has been through, I don't think Erin will ever fall into the spoiled category.  She has too much awareness of life's ups and downs to ever take anything for granted.  Some of her youth was robbed from her, but she is finding her way.

16 school days left until summer vacation.  Now that will make her really happy!