April 15, 2014

Three years ago today everything changed.  A demarcation day that will forever define a before and after for this Rochester MN O'Hara family.

For me, April 15 will always be harder, more poignant, than January 6 - the day Shannon went to heaven.  1095 days ago we were told by a Mayo Clinic neurologist that our daughter had an inoperable, incurable brain cancer.

I have since learned that millions of people walk around carrying the weight of a calendar date that forever will mark a before and after.  It's amazing how many of us are out there.

Three years ago today Shannon and Erin's childhood innocence was ripped away from them.  Three years ago today Jen and I were awakened to a world of love and support we never could have imagined.

We don't need to circle the date on the calendar.  We will never forget.