Tuesday April 8, 2014

I'm having one of those weeks where I can't seem to get organized...  One post it note doesn't get completed, so it's list gets transferred to a new post it note where other items are added to the to do list.

Or, if I don't have a post it note handy, then I use Siri to put a note in my phone calendar with a reminder alert.  So, randomly, I will get a "ping" and when I look at my phone is says "toothpaste" or "bank".  

I hope this isn't a sign that I'm getting older...

Perhaps it's just that I'm trying to stay ahead of things this week.  We've got Dan on the road, Erin having golf practice every day and still playing volleyball in preparation for a tournament this weekend, but before that, she has her birthday on Thursday.  Yes, on April 10th, Erin will FINALLY be a teenager!

We've been teasing her for months it seems.  Erin told us a funny story about the boys at school giving her grief.  Whenever she offers an opinion or a thought, they will say, "shut up, you're twelve."  It sounds meaner than it is... Erin laughs about it.

If I start looking beyond that, things get exciting for me - I have a great girls weekend planned.  Three of us are headed to visit a fourth friend on Jekyll Island in Georgia.  Tennis, wine, food, conversation... get up the next day and repeat.  I'm pretty excited.

But, it's only Tuesday.  Still work to be done.  Better go make a list...