Friday April 11, 2014

I'm up this morning feeling grateful.  It could be because I have a suitcase packed with clothes that are suitable for playing tennis, walking on the beach, and lounging around.  Me and my girlfriends are headed to the airport shortly.

But, really, I'm feeling grateful for the people in our lives.  We didn't have much of a birthday planned for Erin - golf practice and then cake and ice cream once Dan got home from Michigan.  So, when I mentioned to my friends, who are the mothers of Erin's friends, that they could all surprise Erin and join us for cake, well... we ended up with 20 people and a full blown party with presents and all!

Erin was surprised and happy.  She told me and Dan last night, "I feel loved."  She is.

So, Dan is in charge for the weekend.  Erin has a bowling party tonight, a volleyball tournament tomorrow, homework on Sunday, and school and golf practice on Monday before I get back.

Dan and Erin rarely get time alone together, without the taskmaster around, so really, I'm doing them a favor by heading out of town... wink, wink...