Friday April 25, 2014

Well, Mother Nature has put a damper on the golf schedule this week.  Two days of rain meant no practice and no meet for Erin yesterday.  She made good use of the afternoon off... by taking a nap.

She needed to build up reserves for the weekend ahead:  after golf practice today, we will head to the Wisconsin Dells for the last spring volleyball tournament.  It should be a fun one with all the older teams from our club (15's, 16's & 18's) competing.  The schedule calls for volleyball games all morning tomorrow, then the afternoon/evening off to enjoy a little waterpark action.  Dan is going to make the most of the afternoon off, too, scheduling a round of golf with the other dads.  As for us women folk, well, we'll think of something to do to occupy ourselves...

Sunday, it will be back to the volleyball court and they will keep playing into the afternoon/evening until they lose.  I hope Erin doesn't have any homework this weekend, because she won't be "home" to do it!

After all that, Monday will bring the next opportunity to play golf.  The Stewartville Invite is Monday, right here at Willow Creek Golf Course.  Literally Erin's home course.  Dan and I are hoping that the weather cooperates (the forecast doesn't look good) because we could both get a chance to see her play.  Hell, we could follow her around on our very own golf cart!

So, that's what's up for team O'Hara for the next few days.  Lots of positivity in our world.

Things are good on Willow Lane...