Monday December 15, 2014

We had a productive weekend and things are moving smoothly toward the holidays.  There are a few presents under the tree now (phew!) and Erin and I did a little Christmas baking yesterday.  So, if I'm laid up for a while after Friday, everything will be o.k.

Our event on Saturday was a huge success.    Once again, we are humbled by the support of our town and the hockey community.  The three high school girls teams put on a great event, wearing lime green and supporting the Shannon O'Hara Foundation.  Each girls program - Mayo, Century and JM/Lourdes - made a $500 donation to the foundation.  The new Shannon gear was a huge success and, in total, $4400 was raised.  In one day.  Truly amazing.

The girls that Shannon played with are spread across this city.  That's how youth hockey works - you all play together growing up, and then, come high school, you separate and represent your school.  

As part of the presentation, a dear friend of Shannon's from each team spoke.  Paige, Maddie and Sam shared their memories of playing with Shannon and knowing Shannon as a friend.  It was powerful to see each program represented, and to hear Shannon remembered through the eyes of her peers. 

As we spoke, Dan called up all the girls who ever played with Shannon.  It was poignant for us to see how many girls were teammates of Shannon's.  They are out there, living the dream.  They all know it's what Shannon wanted.  They all remember.

I always come away from a day where people are handing us money feeling a little self conscious about it.  It is a strange thing to ask people to donate to your cause, to this thing that matters so much to you that you want others to be on board, too.

But, luckily, each time we fundraise, someone ends up thanking us.  They feel good remembering and honoring Shannon.  They appreciate the reminder to enjoy the day, to enjoy their kids, to celebrate what's right here, right now, because that's all we know for sure.

What a gift that is to us.  Shannon's wish to make a difference is coming true.