Papa Harkins Update

I am happy to report that Papa Harkins is back in the land of snow... and capable healthcare.  Sorry to all my Florida friends, but the quality of care there leaves a lot to be desired.

Papa suffered an retinal arterial occlusion caused by an episode of atrial fibrillation on the ship.  Afib can make you throw blood clots that settle in your organs.  Losing eyesight in one eye is terrible, but it could have been so much worse.

After a couple of frustrating days of substandard care in Port Canaveral and a less than comfortable flight home, Papa is now at Hennepin County Medical Center under the watchful eye of Dr. Scott Davies... who just happens to be Chuck's longest standing brother-in-law.

Scott has helped assemble a team of docs to treat the cardiac issues, and also attempt an experimental treatment on Papa's loss of sight.  HCMC has a hyperbaric chamber and Papa will now sit in there twice a day, two hours a day, for five days.  It's an effort to improve blood flow in the hopes of regaining some vision.

He's still got some cardiac issues to be resolved and there's no guarantee that his eyesight will return, but from here on out, Papa's getting the best care possible.

Hold a good thought for him as we move forward with treatment over these next few days.

As for Erin, she's doing all right.  Still disappointed, still sad and a bit shaken by all that has happened, but she'll get through it.  She always does.

And me and Dan, we are once again reminded of the grace and goodness of other people.  Those who are there to lift you up and help you move forward when you aren't sure you can.

I'll get a chance to visit my dad in the hospital tomorrow.  Can't wait to see him.