Saturday December 20, 2014

Good morning from Rochester Methodist Hospital.  Dan here delivering Starbucks to the patient who is recovering from successful surgery.  Friday was a long day - we checked in at 9:30am for the procedure which did not get underway until about 3:00 pm.  The hysterectomy took a couple hours.  Jen was not delivered to our 5th floor hospital room until after 8pm and she was pretty much out of it for the balance of the night.

Jen is bright-eyed this morning but suffering from nausea and not even close to thinking about food.  The staff will be rounding here in a few minutes and we will learn more.   The hope is we are discharged by mid-day and recovery can continue from Willow Lane.  However, it is possible we may be here another day.  That would suck.  But out of our control.

I am always impressed by medical professionals ability to provide comfort and confidence.  Still, it is impossible to not think about Shannon when walking these halls.

Hope there is something to update before too long.