Monday May 9, 2011

We are stringing together some really great days.  Shannon and Erin continue to amaze us with their energy and overall enthusiasm for life.  It helps that Shannon has been feeling strong even though we are working on nearly three weeks of radiation and chemo.  Monday marked Shannon's 13th radiation healing session and 19th straight day rockin' the temodar. And she played hockey again.

It also helps that we have been experiencing some really cool stuff together and that we continue to be surrounded by family and friends that seem to be enjoying every minute of us.  We keep talking about blessings - but certainly the sense of appreciation for the here and now for so many people in our lives has been heightened.  This has been a really important adjustment we have had to make in our lives and the way we live.  One day at a time. 

So on Mother's Day we had a chance to meet Sheryl Crow.  Our friend Cris Fischer hooked us up sweet.

Sheryl's tour came through the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester affording the girls a chance to experience their first  arena concert.  Live music always brings out our emotions but obviously this show had even more impact.  We're going to have to plug Sheryl's new record, 100 Miles from Memphis.  A little more of a 70's funk and really soulful music.  Sheryl's final set included all her classics that the girls knew; Soak up the Sun, All I wanna do, etc.  I know we have posted on this blog that so many songs and song lyrics seem to be directed at us right now (and no doubt our eyes are wide open). 

Sheryl made an early comment about Rochester in the show..."The Mayo Clinic, I know it well..."  Then later expanded to say she spent a lot of time here with her Grandma and Rochester will always have a sweet-spot for her because of that experience.  Then she closed the show with a stirring, soulful rendition of  I Shall Believe... Yepper...