Mother's Day

Saturday is a day we can mark down in the good column. It was our first soccer game of the season that didn't require a parka or a raincoat. Erin scored a goal, and the Fireballs soccer squad got their first win of the season.

A group of fans were there to cheer for Erin: Shannon and Grandma H., Aunt Suzi and Cousin Maggie, and even Erin's teacher came by to check in on her. A good day for the E and some reassurance that people are looking out for her, too.

We accomplished the rest of what we had planned - the girls and Grandma and Papa attended Cousin Laurynn's dance recital while Dan and I visited with Ed and Tess and watched the Kentucky Derby. We finished the night with a cookout at my brother's house and then headed home. Shannon felt good yesterday and enjoyed herself right up until the fatigue set in and she couldn't keep her eyes open.

Not a day goes by that we don't have at least one moment of sadness or fear or anger. Today it was reminiscing with my family about when Shannon was a baby. Any time we start thinking about life milestones, it gets tough. But that's what people do - we mark time by the stages our children go through. It's normal, it's natural, it's just harder for us to think that way now.

But, we are learning how to just enjoy the good days. One day at a time, right? All that running around yesterday sets us up for a day at home today. Glad for that. Happy Mother's Day, everyone.