Sunday May 15, 2011

I find myself wondering why we don't live this way all the time? Being open to people's generosity, allowing people into our lives, people sharing what they can and making the extra effort to let someone know that you care? I know it sounds corny, but this world would be a happier place. Instead, we usually put our heads down, avert our eyes, and mind our own business.

It struck me yesterday as the Fireballs played a game in the rain in 45 degree temperatures. Terrible conditions, yet the sidelines were packed with people who wanted to show Erin that they care: grandparents, aunt and uncle, old friends, basketball teammates and coaches, even kindergarten teachers who haven't had Erin as a student since 2007! None of these people were required to be there, but there they were to say "I care", and specifically "I care about Erin". People have been following our story and they were there to show Erin some extra love. (By the way, we won 1-0...not that whether we win or lose is important ...)

Last night the girls hung out with their first best friends, our old neighbors Abby and Tessa. Things were the same as they ever were ... except they're not. Seeing Shannon and Erin hang with their pals made Dan and I sad. They were happy and having a great time as usual, but we felt sad. I can't completely explain it, but when we have a good day, it's bittersweet. I guess it's part of learning to appreciate each good day because the future is unknown. I've heard it said before, but the words have real meaning and evoke real emotion now that we are living it.

Today we have another opportunity to do something fun. Off to the Twins game with some sweet seats courtesy of one of my brother's co-workers - 11 rows up behind home plate. More generosity towards us. Humbling. Hopefully the sun will shine and the Twins can find a way to win.

My favorite song on my morning music mix comes from Mat Kearney - Won't Back Down: "... I won't back down, and I won't turn around and around, and I won't back down, doesn't matter what comes crashing down, I'm still gonna stand my solid ground..."