Tuesday May 24, 2011

How to possibly describe what has happened today ... I dealt with insurance companies and rental car companies to make some progress toward getting my van repaired. I filled out a ream of paperwork for the county and state of as we cover our bases on the cost of Shannon's care. After all that, we had a bit of a cluster f*#! and, while I'll spare you the gory details, let's just say my mom had a mini public meltdown that involved sobbing. Seeing her cry made me break down. Then, seeing me cry made her snap out of it and get it together because she's my mom and that's what moms do when their kids are hurting - they suck it up and stay strong for their children. Through all this crying, believe it or not, Dan was the emotionally stable one. Steady, Eddie...it's a brave new world everyone!

In all seriousness, all of our emotions are very close to the surface. Little "things" can seem like big things and every "thing" seems like just one more thing. Seeing my mom cry was o.k. for me. She's human and she's hurting, just like the rest of us.

On a more positive note, Shannon continues to power through her days at school - just 11 days left. Dan, my mom, and I picked Shannon up today and she was full of energy and ready to tackle day number 24 of 31 at Radiation Desk R. Only 7 healing sessions and 8 doses of chemo to go. Jackie and Janelle were there to check in on all of us and had a new headband they had picked out for Shannon. She took an afternoon nap, which has become part of the daily routine, and then finished off some homework.

Erin had a good day, too. It was hat day at Bamber Valley and Erin chose the giant stovepipe hat in the green, orange, and white of the Irish flag, drawing a little attention for just being a crazy 5th grader today. Plus, no homework tonight meant a chance to tool around on the golf cart after school. She ended the day with her last piano lesson of the spring with Ms. Glenna.

Dinner tonight involved a visit from my 5 college tennis teammates. They all live in the Twin Cities area and we’ve kept in contact in the (gulp) 20 years since I graduated from St. Thomas. (Holy crap, when did I get this old?) After the events of the day, I wasn’t sure I had the energy to prop myself up for them, but here are 5 moms with 21 kids between them, finding the time and energy to deliver dinner all the way to Roch. If they could pull it off, I could too. I’m glad they came.

I found a good mix on the ipod this afternoon as I mowed the lawn and listened to some music. Today's song suggestion comes from surfer dude Donavon Frankenreiter. Check out All Around Us: "One day we'll all be taught, love is all we got ..."

May tomorrow bring us less paperwork and fewer tears ...