Sunday May 22, 2011

We all survived the Rapture yesterday, but, with the way our day started, I was having my doubts.
Here's a quick summary of Saturday morning:

* While sitting at a red light on our way to the Fireballs game, we were rear-ended by a lady who was either dialing or texting on her phone. Everyone was all right, but the hatch and bumper of my van are smashed.

* Fireballs game took place on yet another rainy day. Rain started as we kicked off and continued and intensified throughout our 75 minute game. At least it was a warm rain this time. The girls played hard and never complained. We tied 4-4.

* Soaking wet, we hustled to the car and the kids changed into dry clothes on the fly as we headed to Mankato for Shannon's opportunity to play hockey. We had to really hustle to get her there on time. Not exactly the kind of entrance you want to make when someone is being generous and offering you an opportunity like this. Plus, have you ever tried to get a giant hockey equipment bag out of a minivan without opening the hatch? No small feat.

After that, the day improved. The Ice Bucks played a good game against a quality opponent and lost 1-0. Shannon played hard and did just fine out there. She really pushed herself to play at this level and she tired at the end, but she did it and she enjoyed it. The girls on the team and the parents of those girls were very kind to our family and they all were genuinely happy for Shannon to have this opportunity. They included us in the post-game laser tag event and socializing. Even Erin got to play laser tag and hang out with some friends of hers who are a part of this team as well.

Yet again, I found myself with this ache of sadness after a fun event. All those girls love playing hockey, and all those parents love watching their girls play hockey. Same for us. Being on the ice competing with a team might be Shannon's favorite place in the world. But, as parents chatted about who would coach what team next year, and where all these girls will go to high school, I had that queasy feeling in my stomach, and I got a little angry that we don't get to think that way anymore. Sometimes "one day at a time" pisses me off.

Despite the bumps in the road, it was a good day. The things that went wrong were really the small things: our van will get repaired and we can't do anything about the weather. But the things that really mattered went right. Erin played hard and had fun with the Fireballs. Shannon played hard and had fun with the Ice Bucks. Our kids got to socialize and just be kids for the afternoon. As Dan and I lied down last night and recounted the events of the day, we were able to put this one in the good column ...