Wednesday May 2, 2012

Yesterday we went to watch some of the Mayo HS girl's golf meet.  Fun to check in on the girls and see them in their green golf shirts with the initials S.A.O. embroidered on the sleeve.  They've dedicated their season in memory of Shannon, and each girl's golf bag sports a bagtag with Shannon's picture on one side and these words on the other:
     Don't Stop Believin'  
     Never, Never, Never Give Up
     Shannon the Cannon

Pretty cool.

The days are running together and moving quickly.  May has arrived and we had our first big spring thunderstorm in the middle of the night last night.  Shannon loved a good thunderstorm.

We find reminders of her everywhere, and we like to remember.  We are more comfortable when people want to remember with us.  The people who are close to us allow us that opportunity whenever we like.  They say her name and allow us to do the same.  People on the periphery still don't know what to do.  Maybe they never will.

Who Shannon was and how she lived are at the forefront of my thoughts these days as I try to work each day on my book project.  (As an aside, whenever possible, look for a project that allows you to do your work while drinking coffee and wearing your pajamas...)

I met with my publishing people (yes, I have publishing people, woo hoo!) today and talked through more ideas about the book.  Working on this project is rewarding and exciting and scary.  And sometimes very difficult.

OK, enough about me!  Dan is busy, which is good.  He's been able to stay at home this week, but there is always work to be done, and he has more travel weeks in his near future.  He's training hard for the Med City half marathon and managing to fit in a couple of rounds of golf, too.

Erin has been stringing together some good days.  We love to see her happy, but continue to let her know it's o.k. when she's not.  The school year is chugging along - this is a long stretch of  five day weeks.  But, I signed a permission slip yesterday for the end of the year field trip, so the finish is in sight.

This weekend Miss E will be busy with a birthday party sleepover on Friday and double duty on Saturday:  a soccer game and a volleyball tournament here in town.  Her two biggest fans will be there, I can promise you that.