4th of July

If I messed with our karma by complaining about our "perpetual vacation" a while back, I sincerely apologize. This blog is much more fun to write when we're giving vacation updates instead of health updates!

Today is a better day than yesterday, and yesterday was better than the day before, but progress is slow. Shannon had her fourth liter of IV fluids this morning and that helps her to perk up. We’ll see how long it lasts today.

Thank goodness for the kindness and caring of the nurses we’ve come in contact with over these past five days in the PITC. Here it is, a beautiful sunny, holiday weekend and nurses Shelly and Tall Tammy and Short Tammy all acted like they didn’t want to be any place else. Just here to help us help our kid feel better.

Erin has been along for these infusions this week - at her request. She likes to be “in the know”. She gathered information from nurse Short Tammy during the first infusion about how the pump works and how fast they can infuse the fluids - 600ml per hour was the pace that worked best for Shannon. So, the next day, with nurse Tall Tammy in charge, the pump was set at a slower speed and Erin politely explained that Shannon could tolerate it at a faster pace so Erin suggested “let’s crank it up so we can get outta here sooner!” By the time we arrived today, Erin’s reputation preceded her. Nurse Shelly had a note left by Tall Tammy suggesting she check with Shannon’s little sister to make sure everything was going as it should!

So, we’re trying to laugh in between our tears. Tomorrow brings another step in the journey. Our four week “rest period” has ended and we head back to Mayo 16 for a blood draw and a hematology appointment to make plans for the maintenance dose of chemo that is scheduled to start this week. We’ll see if they delay it a few days as Shannon works to regain her strength.

Hopefully today is the day the vomiting will stop and the sparkle will return to Shannon's eyes. We miss our sassy Shan. She’s been a shell of herself, and that has been so hard for all of us to see. The crux of all our emotions this week is this: Shannon has looked like a cancer patient. Imagine that. How could it catch us by surprise? Time to step back and remind ourselves that each good day is a good day ...

Happy Independence Day, everyone.