Friday July 22, 2011

I have been struggling a bit this week.  I have been irritable and intolerant and just overall under confident.

The Bloomington Lincoln class of 1981 is gathering tonight in Minneapolis and I chose not to attend.  Based on the events of the last three months, I just don't feel up to it.  I had a ton of fun in high school - no doubt it was a great phase of my life. I graduated with a class of over 500 and have remained in consistent contact with only a handful of my classmates.  I would certainly like to see many of these people.  I just don't have the energy to tell our story over and over.  I know there are plenty of my classmates who have been through challenging situations and could lend support.  Like we've noted many times - people everywhere face really big stuff all the time and come out on the other side.

 Maybe that's gnawing at me.  Shannon told me "you can't please everyone".  That remains a constant challenge in this current phase of our lives.

Another possible explanation for my irritability is that my physical fitness has been slowed by the extreme heat.  I suppose I could be out there at 6:00am, but even then the humidity has been so aggressive that it doesn't feel very good.  It's better today.  I got a walk in this morning and then just took a bike ride with Erin.

No doubt, my physicality is tied to my serenity.  It's true for all of us in our house.  In fact, Shannon is starting to sound out her plan to get back in shape.  Today, she is back at the Rochester Athletic Club for her Speed, Agility and Quickness class.  She wants to shoot pucks...she wants to hit golf shots...she wants to get stronger.  Next week she turns 13 and at the RAC if you are 13 you can work out on the fitness floor without restriction.  So she's talking about that stuff.  Getting her head wrapped around getting ready to play sports which is great.  That makes her happy.  We just have to temper her enthusiasm and keep the pounds on.  More breakfast shakes. 

So let's pray for more moderate weather so we can all get back outdoors!