Friday July 1, 2011

Shannon had another infusion of fluids this morning.  That's two liters of the saline that has been pumped in to her body in the last 18 hours.  We are back home and Shannon is just wiped out and throwing up anything we try to get her to eat.  We've been on the phone with our team in radiation oncology and we're treating this like the flu since the vomit is now accompanied by diarrhea.  Lovely.  Diarrhea would not likely be a symptom consistent with tumor swelling around or near the nausea center in her brain.  Probably TMI.

We are desperate to get some nutrients in her.  But even four bites of a milk shake with instant breakfast mix in it came right back up. We are armed with a couple different anti-nausea drugs and just sitting and watching and hoping she can find some stability.

We had to bail on the Twins game tonight with cousins Joe and Leila and Pat and Mame.  Shannon wanted us to go without her.  That wasn't going to happen.  She has been such a warrior for us - so hard to see her so weak and feeble.