Appointment update - 7/11

Shannon had her return visit to Hematology today and, by following her doctors orders to eat and rest, she put on 7 pounds in 6 days! Dr. Rodriguez was happy to see Shannon bouncing back and looking more like her old self.

So, Shannon was pleased that Dr. Rodriguez gave her a little more freedom to enjoy these summer days. Shannon needs to take it slow, meaning no strenuous activity yet. Unfortunately that means no hockey camp or speed, agility, quickness class this week. But, she can take the dog for a walk or hang out with her friends, and hopefully be ready to play in her golf league by next Monday.

The other news out of today's appointment is that Shannon was given the go ahead to start the maintenance dose of chemotherapy tonight. As we've mentioned before, the protocol is 5 days on Temodar (chemo) and Kytril (anti-nausea), then 23 days off for 10 cycles.

Shannon will also continue taking the steroids as they have helped with the headaches and head pressure she was experiencing. Dr. Rodriguez wants to be very cautious. So, even though Shannon doesn't like the restless feeling the Decadron gives her, tapering off the steroids will have to wait until at least this weekend, and then it will be a slow process.

All in all, a positive report today and our spirits are good. Tonight Shannon and I made a list of the pills she needs to take this week. We're off and running with the next phase of treatment ...