Friday July 8, 2011

The steroids are kicking in.  The appetite is back.  The food is staying down.  The sass is back.  And the Twins continue to own the White Sox.  All is right again on Willow Lane!

We're rebounding nicely but not completely out of the woods as Shannon still has vomit paranoia and is not moving around too much.  As usual, she's following Dr. orders to the letter; she was prescribed rest and calorie ingestion. 

Shannon had a good eating day Tuesday but threw it all up that night - her confidence was really jolted. Not to mention her abdominal muscles are really sore. Wednesday she ate small portions but kept it down.  And Thursday she started craving foods and eating with more and more confidence. Reese's puffs, ham and cheese omelet with an english muffin, carnation instant breakfast milk shake, mac n cheese, pizza rolls, banana, shredded pork and jo-jo's from John Hardy's, a snack size McFlurry...  do not try this at home.  The challenge for the rest of us in the house is watching and not participating. 

The forced rest forced us to open a Netflix account and now we are streaming movies in bulk.  Cousins Jack and Laurynn were in town and joined us for a movie Wednesday.  Thursday it was Devil Wears Prada with cousin Gracie and Aunt Megan. 

The brightest side is that Shannon is once again interested in socializing.  For several days there she did not have any interest in interacting with any of us.  But now she's got her text back on.  Friday she has a buddy coming over to hang out - maybe go to a movie if Shannon is up to it.

The only downside is that Erin is becoming increasingly annoyed at her big sister.  With Shannon sick, Erin was forced to tiptoe around like the rest of us.  But now that Shannon has carte blanche to order us around and sit on her butt Erin's eye rolls are increasing in frequency.  Hey that's just like the old normal!

A couple musical observations to share; the youthful English singer-songwriter Adele has it goin on.  Man, she sings some soulful tunes. Highly recommend.

Saturday, Jen and I are excited to see Eric Hutchinson at the St. John's Block Party - we are so proud that our home parish is producing such a cool summer music festival  and Saturday we will get away for a few hours to take in the music of this young American singer-songwriter. 

Deep breaths.