Sunday July 3, 2011

We are back at St. Mary's this morning at PITC (Pediatric Infusion Therapy Center).  This is a good thing.  It means Shannon is getting more fluids and she's not having to do it in the ER.

We met Dr. Barney at Desk R for a quick exam.  Dr. Barney is the radiation/oncology on-call physician and he needed to see Shannon before he could order up the IV treatment.  And he pulled the strings to get us in here at PITC.  In fact, he ordered up one for Sunday and Monday and we just worked it out that we will be back 4th of July morning as well as we try to stay ahead and keep Shannon hydrated.

Dr Barney's exam found that her resting heart rate was fine but after forcing Shannon to take a short walk it spiked again indicating some dehydration.

The nausea has subsided slightly - but not completely.  In fact, Shannon threw up again when we got up here for the infusion.  But her eyes are brighter.  She is moving a little faster.  Still requesting a wheel chair to get around the hospital.

So we are watching Rafa vs. The Joker in the Wimbledon men's final, reading the Sunday paper and taking on same fluids that will hopefully lead to a better day.  Baby steps.