Thursday July 28, 2011

All is well on the birthday trip. The flight went smoothly - no issues with nausea for Shannon and she enjoyed the complimentary hot dog and chips on the Sun Country flight. She is keeping Dan an I informed of their whereabouts via text. Dan and I were chuckling last night because Shannon was sitting on the wharf enjoying some pasta with Grandma and Papa, but she kept texting us for updates of the Twins score in Texas! I told her to quit texting and enjoy the view.

We passed our day away quite nicely as Erin and I tagged along with Dan on a business trip and that gave us a chance to take in the Minnesota Zoo. Erin liked showing her dad around the place on his first time there - the dolphin show and bird show were highlights. Erin enjoyed some one on one time with us and we laughed a lot.

Our anxiety regarding Shannon's trip has been replaced by contentment and joy, especially as we see pictures of Shannon in San Fran. The smile on her face says it all. Today Erin, Dan, and I will stay busy again with some shopping to put the finishing touches on Erin's room redesign while Grandma, Papa, and Shannon head to Alcatraz...